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Nature Retreats for the Spiritually Minded
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Nurtured By Nature Services

At Nurtured By Nature, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. If you are interested in a camping/hiking/waterfall adventure without having to have your own camping equipment as well as being able to "hang with us" in a sheltered camp site with all the modern amenities such as hot showers and indoor toilets while still being very close to nature then check us out. We can custom plan your retreat.

Our Vision for Nurtured by Nature

Create a sacred adventure experience that combines immersion in nature through camping and hiking in some of the most beautiful mountains in existence with fabulous scenery, views and waterfalls. All with as eye toward personal and spiritual growth- a chance go deep within and deep without through self reflection, discussions, personal sessions with James Frazier, writing and reconnecting with your deepest self. 

4-7 day retreats in the mountains of North Georgia and Western North Carolina

Small groups of 2-6 people

Shelter Camping with modern toilet and shower facilities

All meals included

Daily Fireside Discussions

Ample reflection and meditation time

Daily Hiking and waterfall tours including one hike to the wild and scenic Chattooga river and one hike on the famous Appalachian Trail. 

Personal psycho-spiritual growth session with James Frazier

Ample time for reflection, journaling, art work and alone time. We believe in a relaxed schedule so participants have a chance to unplug and slow down thus allowing a more meaningful and enriching experience. 

Special themed weeks where one topic will be explored in depth, some examples and topics are:

Grief as an initiation process
Individuation- on becoming whole
The Eternal Quest 
The Shadow in Jungian work
The Great Self Within
Lords of the Four Quarters - exploring the four main archetypes that make up the Self
Learning to do Clean Anger vs. Passivity or Rage
Dis-enchantment/ Re-enchantment
Veritas or "the greening of the world- the healing power of nature

Also offer personalized retreat/ adventures that are customized for you.
The fall leaf season from September to about the third week of October is stunningly beautiful and still perfect camping and hiking weather with daily temperatures ranging from 50 degrees for the low to 70 degrees for the high. 
"Something as simple as “Nature” is accessible to almost everyone in the modern world but in a day and time when, for me, the spiritual stakes have never been higher, I found myself putting the very things that connect with what is most important to my well being on the back burner.  

Nurtured by Nature helped me reconnect with that deep part of myself that was once alive as a young child. 

The morning coffee next to a wood burning fire started each day. The daily hikes to enchanting waterfalls on trails rich and vast proved the surest way to open and widen the doors to my soul while entrusting myself to these guided walks. Sleeping outside, breathing in the night air nestled in a hammock, felt like I was in a womb of the divine. I had no idea how the eyes and ears of my soul longed to be touched by the enriching freshness of this most inspiring pilgrimage.  

 If you thirst for a reconnection with what is missing, I have no doubt this experience will help you discover that something. Gift yourself with an experience and feel revivified free and most importantly, alive. "

Maureen Legros
Milwaukee, WI.
"Just recently spent three days and four nights nurtured by Jim and Jan. Betty and I really had no idea what we wanted to do, but we wanted a bit of an adventure as a couple, so we landed at Scaly Mountain, Ga. and set about seeing what we could see. We got the opportunity to visit around the five nearby national forests populated by beautiful waterfalls, we got to hike a bit, which is a bit more strenuous than I thought it would be because of the height, we got to hear tall tales, drink strong coffee, and listen to the acorns drop on our tin roof, we got to take advantage of some the psychospiritual opportunities Jim and Jan offer, and we were fed wonderful meals three times a day, The conversation and ambience were excellent. They do supply all the tools you will need and more, but take your long johns this time of year. Betty and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay."    Michael L. Illinois